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Adventure Cinema Tour

Birthday! Birthday! Yeti Nest Style!

Nick Patrick

So Kessiah surprised me with an extravagant and epic landscape cake! You can probably already tell by the hi-production level of sharpness, clarity, and feng shui, but it's Yeti Nest with Archie and I chilling on the top in the Rocky Mountains!   

Valentines Day!

Nick Patrick

We had a great V-day date in NYC. When we arrived home, Kessiah gave me my gift. It was a relief print block she designed herself. Super cool! She also printed a T-shirt for me and a bandana for the Arch-man. I actually got the butterflies when I first saw it because I knew it would be the logo. I have such an awesome and talented woman in my life! 

3D CAD Software - The Design

Nick Patrick

The design process was pretty intricate and complicated; I had to hire an engineer to sketch it out using CAD software, hehe. In actuality, It was nights of doodling on scrap paper while drinking hot-cocoa. I had so much fun sketching the design of the Yeti Nest! I did not own an indoor garage so it was It was outside in storage buried under snow for the winter, so all winter long I just had to let my mind wander and hand sketch out plan ideas indoors. 

First Shots of the Nest

Nick Patrick

The first shots of the Yeti Nest. Found for 100 bucks on Craigslist (thanks to my buddy George for the find). A good scrub-down, cleaning, and girlfriend/moto haul test was all it needed to break her in. Almost too much junk in the trunk with that haul test though, but we pulled it off easy breezy ;).  

Adventure Cinema Tour - Conceptualization

Nick Patrick

In the winder of 2014, I went on an adventure bicycling tour around the desert wilderness of Big Bend National Park in Texas. I love bike touring. There's nothing like being completely alone and self-sufficient with all your needs and amenities in your panniers (saddle bags), and fueling your way on pedal power. The many challenges you face and overcome are empowering and the long hauls on your bike place you in a meditative state. This, in conjunction with living a lifestyle apart from your norm, gives you a more comprehensive view of your world and life back home. A perfect setting to analyze your life, future, and any direction you're pondering. It was during this time I made the commitment of starting a boutique video production and photo brand to house my work. Yeti Nest Films had been conceptualized.