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New Jersey video production blog of Yeti Nest Films

Simon and Eve: 10 Year Anniversary

Nick Patrick

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 9.41.01 AM.png

With Mischief Night upon us and Stranger Things season 2 in full action we couldn't think of a better time to share Simon and Eve. This suburban thriller film reaches its 10 year anniversary this year and features cinematography by Yeti Nest's own Nick Patrick. Although Stranger Things is obviously unmatchable (especially with bowl cuts and big wheels going for itself) it's still neat to see similar themes and styles between the two. Simon and Eve was a School of Visual Arts production directed by Brian Sizensky and was nominated best horror and best cinematography in the 2007 Dusty Film Festival. Check it out below! 

"Your Love, Our Home" The Conservatory

Nick Patrick

Conservatory V1a.00_03_33_10.Still006.jpg

One of our newest video projects to date is a promo video for The Conservatory venue at the Sussex County Fairgrounds! The Fairgrounds was seeking to partner with a local production company in New Jersey to implement video into their 2017 marketing strategy and Yeti Nest Films was pleased to take on that role. 

Their goal with the project was to paint a beautiful picture to show off The Conservatory, the benefits of the available spaces, and the many creative ways guests can utilize these gems. It was the client's idea, Kristin Ferraro and her team, to capture a live wedding at the venue and build it into the direction of the video. This was a great way to not only see the venue in action, but also to paint a realistic picture of "a day in the life" of a bride and groom on their wedding day.  And yeah, we also love any excuse to fly drones through buildings :)

Our team created a 3 minute feature video for The Conservatory's website and a 1 minute edit for additional social and online promotional use. Check it out and drop us a comment to let us know what you think. 

We also caught up with our client Kristin today to chat a little bit about the project. Hear her initial video marketing inspiration, her thoughts on partnering with Yeti Nest, and how the project is doing so far for their business.  


Click here to check out more videos like these and business inquiries. 

Click here for more info on The Conservatory.

Team YN Project Credits: Lead Filmmaker - Nick Patrick, Production Assistants - Sierra Johansen & Jullian Huarte, Motion Graphics - Gavin Willmers, Video Title - Christopher King




NJ State Fair Thank You Video

Nick Patrick

We had a great week partnering up with the New Jersey State Fair to produce a promotional video for their awesome yearly event. Here's a quick Thank You edit we put together as a followup to the festivities this year. Keep your eyes peeled for more promotional video content and the full edit in advance of next year's fair.

Some fun behind-the-scenes production shots :)

New Jersey State Fair: "$1 Day" Promotional Ad Video

Nick Patrick

The New jersey Fairgrounds was looking for a local video production company in North Jersey to produce a promotional ad in a short timeframe for the upcoming NJ State Fair. Our motion graphics animation team created this spot for them and it started generating thousands of views and hundreds of shares for them on social within the fist 24hrs of its release.

See you at the Fair, we know we are excited for Funnel Cake and lots of other fried deliciousness! For more info on the NJ State Fair:

Yeti Nest Films Color Grade Reel: Luna Parc Video

Nick Patrick

We had fun color grading one of the more visually stunning subjects in our projects to date, Luna Parc. Color grading is one of the final stages of the filmmaking process where you see your cinematography and story come to life. On set we shoot what they call a flat or RAW file, contrary to its name, this method captures the most dynamic information of luminance, saturation, and contrast levels. A Colorist then uses this latitude to their advantage when meticulously enhancing the video images in post production. It's a detailed process of altering the video images for aesthetic and story purposes. One grading technique we used in Luna Parc's video was a deep contract of color tones. We used warm tones to further enhance this vibrant, warm, and magical home, contrasted by a bubble of cool color temperatures to help the illusion of a winter wonderland atmostphere. Here is a reel of some sample before and after color grades!

To see the final video! 



Luna Parc: Winter Wonder in the Woods

Nick Patrick

We're happy to announce our first viral video of 2017!! Artist Ricky Boscarino of Luna Parc published the video to his FB yesterday afternoon and it currently gained an impressive 12+k views, 457 likes, 314 shares, and 143 comments in just the first 12 hours! See why and let us know what you think! 

Pretty excited to have the opportunity to collaborate produce this fun promo video with him. Thanks to Kessiah for coming out and assisting on the shoot. 

Ricky is such a wonderful soul and talented artist, definitely check out more info on Luna Parc and Ricky's work at

Lumix GH5: First Shots and Impressions

Nick Patrick


There was much anticipation for Lumix's new big release last week, the GH5. As huge fans of the GH4  we were pumped to get our order in just an hour before they sold out! The new camera in the GH line continues the tradition of pushing the bar for filmmakers and video shooters. The preceding GH4 was the first camera to shoot 4k resolution internally in a DSLR/mirrorless body, and the GH5 pumped up its game with yet another new first - 4K 10bit internal recording! If that wan't enough, they added 4k 60fps, up to 180 fps 1080, and an internal image stabilizer which is so SOOO smooth. We were amped to test out all these new features in what is acclaimed as the most action packed test reel of the year, comprised of 140mm hand held cat footage, hatchet chopping, babe shots, and wolves in the forest: 

First Impression Pros and Cons 


  • Internal recoding 4k 10bit
  • 4k 60fps
  • Slowmo frame rates up to 180  
  • Internal image stabilizer
  • The ability to attach the new XLR mic adapter
  • 400 mbps recoding (with upcoming firmware release) 
  • Duel SD card slots 
  • Price 
  • Smooth workflow into and through post
  • A ton of video centric features packed into a DSLR/mirrorless size body


  • Micro 4/3rds sensor  
  • No built in ND filters (not expected in a DSLR/mirrorless size body, but some could see this as a con) 
  • A bit of quality loss in the 180fps HD mode. More tests to be had. Best to only use the higher frame rates in good-great lighting conditions. 

Overall, the GH5 is certainly a top dog in its price range and easily competes with/arguably surpasses cameras a tier or two above. We are excited to shoot our upcoming projects with this little powerhouse of a camera! 

"When we connect, change becomes possible."

Nick Patrick

We’re very excited for our newest release with, The Good of The Hive.  Mural Artist Matt Willey is on a mission to paint 50 thousand bees around the world, raising awareness about the increasingly devastating struggles bees are facing just to survive. Bees are fascinating, selfless little critters and we depend on them more than we realize. Please feel free to check his Indiegogo campaign, share, and spread the love! "When we connect, change becomes possible." - Matt Willey  


Nick Patrick

On days 3 and 4, together with our four-legged friends and some fatbiking, we wrapped up the fantastic shoot for the KVSP Winter Recreation Promo Video. A huge thanks to all the community members and Yeti Nest Team who came out to participate; your spirit and energy created a positive charge throughout the production and really made this a special project. Our parks and public lands are extremely valuable. They provide magical settings for us to explore, escape, and reconnect with ourselves and one another and this team was a shining example of that energy. I look forward to taking this project into post production! Please check out Kittatinny Valley State Park and give their Facebook page a like to follow their fun happenings and events.

Thanks! - Nick         


Nick Patrick

Day two of the KVSP Winter Activity video rocked the same fun and productive energy as Day 1. We had a great crew with some local friends: Lindsay, Andy, Dawn, Jess, and Colleen came with big smiles ready for the XC ski trails. Andy made sure to teach everyone how to fall within the first minute or two and kept the training demonstrations going a little bit throughout the day. Thanks, team, for yet another awesome shoot!


Kittatinny Valley State Park: Day 1 Shoot

Nick Patrick

I grew up riding mt. bikes at KVSP as a young lad and continue the tradition today with my best buds, so when KVSP came to Yeti Nest to produce a video showcasing the Park, I was beyond excited. Lynn Groves, the Park's Resource Interpretive Specialist, also has a deep rooted connection to the Park for many years. After much talk and finally blessed with a perfect snow storm, it was time to hit the trails! Day 1 of filming was fantastic and the energy in the air was something special. I feel our joint love and connection to this place is going to yield a stellar collaboration and product, can't wait to see what's to come, stay tuned!

Thanks to Lynn and Kessiah for being light and swift on the snowshoes and Matt Novak for helping out on the Team Yeti Nest end and capturing these fun shots!  - Nick 

Kiwimbi in Kenya

Nick Patrick

One of our most powerful adventures to date was to the village of Amagoro to help Kiwimbi bring their work in Kenya to life. We recently edited a short brand video for their fundraising initiatives (link below). Please check it out and consider donating to support these beautiful and uplifting children.   

Slow Down and "Be Careful".

Nick Patrick

In the modern age, I'm afraid most of us forget how to slow down and "be carful". An honest and true take on slowing down and cherishing the details of our world. Beautiful work from Alex Horner. *Headphones suggested* 

The Wander Trees: Brand Video

Nick Patrick

It's not uncommon to meet great people on the road, it's a special treat when you connect with them to the point you carry on a friendship, and it's even more magical to have the opportunity to work and create together. My best friend Aaron Stark and I met a cool couple Amber and Stacey McDermid in Zion National Park this past May. We all shared a brief shuttle ride together and even though our conversation was very short, we quickly realized we all shared the same life goals and aspirations. Amber recently thereafter launched an entrepreneurial idea that she had put a lot of love and energy into, and The Wander Trees was born. She had reached out to me to produce The Wander Trees brand video, and the rest is history. Happy to share with you our collaboration together: 

YETI NEST FILMS: 2016 Story Reel

Nick Patrick

It’s quite amazing to see all the work accomplished, adventures, and people we’ve connected with over the years. I’m excited to present to you our 2016 “Story Reel” - Chasing Happiness. Let us know what you think. If you dig it, please share and help us keep the dream alive!

Ghost Waters, A Story of the Looming Deep Waters That Never Came.

Nick Patrick

Ghost Waters, one of our earliest projects, and one of which we continue to be the most passionate and proud is a fascinating story of the 20+ year struggle locals had to face in the midst of the looming Tocks Island Dam Project, a massive dam and reservoir on the Delaware River which would have dramatically changed the PA, NJ, and NY region as we currently know it.  The film is a tribute to the locals who were affected, their sacrifices, homes lost, and their rigorous efforts to fight against damming the last major free flowing river east of the Mississippi.  Ghost Waters tells the dynamic story of deep history, loss, preservation, and environmental success. The project was the thesis film of Yeti Nest Film's Director Nick Patrick from his studies at the School of Visual Arts in 2007. It remains a favorite amongst the locals of his home area, in which the story is based. 

Nick + Liz • Wedding Film

Nick Patrick

Nick and Liz are too cute, fun, beautiful together, and so much in love you can't help but remind yourself how great being in love is. We had a blast capturing their big day and making a film for their memories. Congrats to the awesome newlyweds!