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New Jersey video production blog of Yeti Nest Films

Lumix GH5: First Shots and Impressions

Nick Patrick


There was much anticipation for Lumix's new big release last week, the GH5. As huge fans of the GH4  we were pumped to get our order in just an hour before they sold out! The new camera in the GH line continues the tradition of pushing the bar for filmmakers and video shooters. The preceding GH4 was the first camera to shoot 4k resolution internally in a DSLR/mirrorless body, and the GH5 pumped up its game with yet another new first - 4K 10bit internal recording! If that wan't enough, they added 4k 60fps, up to 180 fps 1080, and an internal image stabilizer which is so SOOO smooth. We were amped to test out all these new features in what is acclaimed as the most action packed test reel of the year, comprised of 140mm hand held cat footage, hatchet chopping, babe shots, and wolves in the forest: 

First Impression Pros and Cons 


  • Internal recoding 4k 10bit
  • 4k 60fps
  • Slowmo frame rates up to 180  
  • Internal image stabilizer
  • The ability to attach the new XLR mic adapter
  • 400 mbps recoding (with upcoming firmware release) 
  • Duel SD card slots 
  • Price 
  • Smooth workflow into and through post
  • A ton of video centric features packed into a DSLR/mirrorless size body


  • Micro 4/3rds sensor  
  • No built in ND filters (not expected in a DSLR/mirrorless size body, but some could see this as a con) 
  • A bit of quality loss in the 180fps HD mode. More tests to be had. Best to only use the higher frame rates in good-great lighting conditions. 

Overall, the GH5 is certainly a top dog in its price range and easily competes with/arguably surpasses cameras a tier or two above. We are excited to shoot our upcoming projects with this little powerhouse of a camera!